Behind the Scenes

“Small Machines came about when I was looking for a “gadgety” present for brother in law’s birthday. Everything I could find required batteries, was plasticy and just not what I wanted; so I made something myself.
The idea of hydraulics was intriguing to me (as a Design & Technology teacher) and syringes were a great way to implement a simple hydraulic system. I soon found myself making toys for everyone in the family!
After family and friends I started selling the kits at Maker fairs and craft fairs up and down the country. It was a great way to show off the kits, meet and chat to new people and experience what other people were doing! But let me tell you, eight hour drives are not fun!
Small Machines has now turned into a cool business based out of the Arts building in Sheffield, UK! We’ve done a custom range of toys for Leeds’ Royal Armouries and Eureka children’s museum, and we’re always innovating and looking for the new thing.”
Giles Grover
Toy Maker . Founder . Big Child